Print articles:
BOOK 9   Artist Interview: Libby Black (fall 2012)
BOOK 7   Artist Interview: Winnie Truong (spring 2012)
BOOK 4   Artist Interview: Zhou Fan (fall 2010)
BOOK 4   Artist Interview: Karen Sargsyan (fall 2010)
BOOK 2   Artist Interview: Tom Huck (fall 2009)
BOOK 2   Artist Interview: Jose Lerma (fall 2009)
BOOK 1   Artist Profile: David Jien (summer 2009)
ISSUE Y  Artist Interview: David Hevel (spring 2009)
ISSUE Y  Artist Interview: Craig Kucia (spring 2009)
ISSUE X  GalleryReview: Simon Willems at Mark Moore (fall 2008)
ISSUE X  Artist Interview: Oliver Hibert (fall 2008)

Online articles:
JULY 08 Profile of Andrea Galvani
MAY 08  Profile of Tim Brmalette
APR 08  Review of Kara Walker at Hammer Museum